About Green uPVC Windows

introduces "Green uPVCWindows" Doors and windows systems. We bring revolutionary concepts for Doors and Window and Internal Partitions in India with an exclusive range in Double/Triple Glazing. We give a whole new dimension for Architectural works with introducing this product which is a substitute of Wood, Aluminum and Steel and other Metals. We understand the specific requirements of our clients and offer customized solutions for their opening from measurement to installation. The Company has had extensive experience in the field of Architectural Building Industry and Green Buildings. We Understand the Green Building Concept.

Material of uPVC

The uPVC (unplasticised poly vinyl chloride) profile used by Green uPVCWindows is made from special moulding material.

The Benifits

uPVC Windows and Doors are made from a special blend of uPVC and have many benefits over Aluminium, Steel and Wooden Windows and Doors.

Why Green upvc Windows

Green uPVCWindows uPVC windows and doors system are excellent thermal insulators. It can save energy up to 30% of energy requirement.

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