Material of uPVC

The uPVC (unplasticised poly vinyl chloride) profile used by Green uPVCWindows is made from special moulding material. The process of making the profiles start in the form of powder mixed and balanced homogeneously with all necessary additives for high impact UV to form a compound that meets all the required properties. The compound is then fed in molten form in to moulds designed accordingly to the different size and specification of profiles. Once their process is finished, then it will be cooled to form the final uPVC profiles to be used in the fabrication of the windows and doors.

Technical Specification

  • Steel Reinforcement : These hollow profiles are inserted with Galvanized steel reinforcement to give extra strength and durability to the windows.
  • EPDM Gasket : Special EPDM gaskets are being used to perfect sealing which allows the weather to stay outside.
  • Heat Welded Joints : Corners of windows are heat welded to ensure good quality of insulation.
  • 45 Degree Angle : Section cut at 45 degree angle to bear the maximum load.
  • Multipoint Locking System : Multipoint locking system will help to make these windows more weather (i.e. Air, Water, Sound, Heat) proof.
  • Option of single, Double & Triple Glazing : We have option of putting glass unit of 5mm, 6mm & 24mm to 32mm.