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Wood Finishes

Reviewing the differentiating prerequisites of our customers we are joined into offering a far reaching degree of Wood Finishes manufacturer. These are exceedingly requested in business division by virtue of their fine complete and reliable nature. Offered Wood Finishes manufacturer in India is quality endeavored on different parameters to render most unmistakable customer fulfillment. Likewise, it can be benefitted at business part driving costs.

We as Wood Finishes manufacturer in Greater Noida , bargain as an exporter, broker and provider of Decorative Laminates, Industrial Laminates, Plywoods and related results of brands like Wonderlam, Wonderply, Greenply, Century, Durian, and so forth. Our proficient group of experts is knowledgeable in their individual divisions that empower us, to give an issue unfenced of items to our customers. Because of our customer arranged approach, we can cut a specialty among customers by giving convenient conveyances of items at savvy costs.


Tilt N Slide Doors

Tilt N Slide doors offer the ultimate in protection for your home.  The European concept of tilting and sliding the door sash allows the provision of a dual compression seal and provides the maximum ventilation and glass area.  The dual compression seal gives excellent insulation from sound and dust alike.  Doors keep your living space secure and grant you some privacy as well.  We offer our Tilt N Slide Doors in a wide range of color.

Green UPVC Window is the leading Tilt N Slide Doors manufacturer in India entryways offer a definitive in insurance for your home. The European idea of tilting and sliding the entryway band permits the arrangement of a double pressure seal and gives the most extreme ventilation and glass territory. The double pressure seal gives superb protection from sound and clean indistinguishable. Entryways keep your living space secure and concede you some protection also. We offer our Tilt N Slide Doors in an extensive variety of hues.

Tilt N Slide Doors manufacturer in India are utilized for entryways that open evenly; as a general rule in applications that partition two rooms or where floor space is an imperative to introduce a consistent pivoted entryway. Aside from the undeniable stylish interest that sliding entryways speak to, they additionally convey a large group of useful advantages like simplicity of availability, floor-space proficiency and above all, the acknowledgment of wide openings.

PVC Door

The UPVC Doors and Windows comes in unique elegance and style adding glorious charm to your abode even after a long time .The UPVC doors and Windows are made up of fine quality material free from moisture. we are specialized UPVC door manufacturer in India. We offer a range of premium quality UPVC windows and UPVC doors at the economical price. Our UPVC Doors and Windows are termite free, need not regular maintenance, its sound and dust proof and even you need not to worry about the paint because they come with painted frames.

We do not work as individual but as a team to achieve customers’ satisfaction that automatically brings inspiration to us to provide products of genuine nature constantly. As a PVC Door Manufacturer in India, we guarantee the best possible prices on the market. We strive for the goal of always satisfying our customers.



uPVC Slide & Fold Doors

Our Fold and Slide doors system provide superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style

The rollers along which the doors slide, offer a smooth glide and reliable performance with solid design and expert engineering. Choose from three to seven operating panels in various configurations.

Overlay uPVC Folding Doors manufacturer in India entryways framework offer contemporary style, compelling outline and great unwavering quality.

Our Folding sliding Doors  manufacturer in Noida entryways framework give prevalent working execution and smooth incorporation into any compositional style and space. The entryway frameworks are built utilizing fantastic uPVC Windows and Doors profiles and predominant pivot and bolting frameworks that are dependable and secure.

The rollers along which the entryways slide, offer a smooth skim and dependable execution with strong plan and master designing. Look over three to seven working boards in different designs. The entryway frameworks are accessible in a scope of hues including white and ivory, wood grain covers, for example, dim Oak, Mahogany, Golden Oak, Rustic oak, Walnut, Natural oak, and an assortment of other strong hues.

uPVC Folding sliding Doors manufacturer in Noida are utilized for entryways that open evenly; as a general rule in applications that partition two rooms or where floor space is an imperative to introduce a consistent pivoted entryway. Aside from the undeniable stylish interest that sliding entryways speak to, they additionally convey a large group of useful advantages like simplicity of availability, floor-space proficiency and above all, the acknowledgment of wide openings.


Sliding Doors

Green UPVC Doors and Windows is India’s top manufacturer of UPVC Windows and Sliding Doors. We are a well-established organization dedicated to assembling, exchanging, dealing, and delivering a recognized range of high-quality Green UPVC Windows in India. The uPVC sliding door are extremely robust and low-maintenance due to their strength and endurance. Our uPVC sliding doors are particularly ideal for use in offices since they make a good first impression on visitors and require little effort to maintain their new-like look. The design of these uPVC glass doors assures that they will last for many years despite exposure to radiation and climate change. This allows you to save money on sliding door maintenance.

Our multi-chamber technology with the uPVC sliding door series serves to improve the heat and sound insulation capabilities.

The uPVC sliding door design has multi-point locking systems, double toughened glass, and uPVC frame grills, all of which work together to ensure that no uninvited intruders get access to your property. With us, you can also select bigger and taller uPVC glass door designs, which may entail the addition of additional uPVC sliding sashes if necessary. Our clients’ wants and requirements are our first focus at uPVC sliding doors prices India, and we make sure that all of their demands and requirements are met.

Finding uPVC sliding doors near me on the web?

Our uPVC sliding doors for balcony offer great thermal, acoustic, and mechanical properties and are customized for local weather patterns. To ensure that you obtain the best uPVC sliding doors available, we’ve highlighted some crucial facts about our uPVC glass door designs below:

2700 mm construction depth,

1.8 W/m2K Uf-Value,

24 dB sound reduction,

62-112 mm maximum infill,

20-30 mm maximum height,

1500 mm maximum width

Areas of Application

Green UPVC Windows has been breaking new ground in the design and manufacture of uPVC sliding doors for the past three decades. We’re working on fresh, innovative, and creative ideas for uPVC sliding doors for balconies, high-rise buildings, and wide openings.

We are one of the most reputable uPVC glass door manufacturers, serving customers from residential and commercial properties with a wide range of uPVC sliding doors in India. Furthermore, because they offer the entire room a sense of continuity and harmony, our uPVC sliding doors look better in high-traffic areas of your home than regular doors.

Sliding PVC door designs, unlike wood and aluminum, keep their shape in bad weather and are unaffected by physical damage. In terms of uPVC sliding doors prices in India, they are the most cost-effective options available, as well as the most functional and aesthetically beautiful.

  • Outdoor seating,
  • Kitchens,
  • Bedrooms,
  • Balconies,
  • Bathrooms,
  • Office Spaces,
  • Educational Institutions,
  • Commercial Structures

Features and Advantages

Our uPVC sliding doors have several appealing features. The doors is design to be both energy-efficient and sound-proof. The uPVC glass sliding doors, in particular, are sturdy and long-lasting, making them ideal for usage in any country setting. The following are some of the most important advantages of uPVC sliding doors in Greater Noida we provide:-

  • Safety at the highest level
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Maintenance-free
  • Stability of the structure
  • Eco-friendly

Casement Doors

At Green UPVC Windows and Doors, we are a leading uPVC Casement Doors manufacturer in India, offer a wide variety of solely outlined Casement Doors in India. These top notch entryways are for all intents and purposes support free and are extremely tough. The entryways are introduced with different security highlights, for example, multi­point locking, to a great degree strong pivots and toughened/overlaid wellbeing glasses.

According to the expanding and changing requests of our esteemed clients, we offer an inventively designed scope of Casement Doors manufacturer in India. These are exceptionally praised in the overall market for their investigation developments, longer life administration, and low costs. Our offered items are made utilizing the best quality crude material and present day innovation. Also, we check these items on different quality parameters to keep the business gauges.

Our group of uPVC Casement Doors manufacturer in Greater Noida, influences this item to extend utilizing the ideal quality crude material that is obtained from industry ensured merchants. Additionally, these items are made under the heading of profoundly proficient specialist’s industry utilizing much created innovation and most recent machines. Likewise, we offer a wide range of quality items in changed outlines, shapes and specialized particulars.

uPVC Casement Doors are exclusively designed to add a tinge of beauty to your home.

  • Dedicated sash profiles for UPVC window and doors.
  • 60 mm sturdy series.
  • All combinations of fix and open able with T, Z profiles and couplings possible.
  • Direct coupling possibility with sliding series.
  • Only three types of reinforcements required to stock.
  • Both single and multipoint locking possible.
  • Universal hardware adaptability.
  • Outer frames have slopes for better drainage.
  • Three chamber design for improved thermal and acoustics.
  • Glass sizes possible – 4,5,6 & 24,36 mm for DGU.